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Америка. Первые дебаты. This is the best America can do?

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Да, именно так, никто не выиграл дебаты, все проиграли. Весь мир проиграл. Andrew Andersen пишет: И главная беда в том, что взяться им (лидерам) больше неоткуда. ДО недавнего времени в странах Запада была... как сказать... среда и "школа" подготовки лидеров, которая начала распадаться в роковые для цивилизации 1914-1918 годы. Но какое-то время все еще шло по инерции, и даже в 50-е, а кое-где и в 70-е/80-е годы лидеры еще были. Больше нет, потому как уничтожена "школа". И последствия будут безусловно "веселые"...(хотел бы сказать что-то лучшее, но как-то не выходит). А вот, между прочим, умные и хитрые китайцы уже 10 лет как такую "школу" у себя создают. И у них лидеры скоро будут. Только нам-то что с этого?

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Wow. So much to say both for and against each of them. Both had great moments and unbelievable horror moments. I will address that tomorrow. It will take me all day.

Tonight, let me ask: This is the best America can do?

Imagine you are a PM of a friendly country. "GOD HELP UP. AMERICA HAS GONE INSANE.' What must the rest of the world think about us. Like it or not we do set the stage for the west.

Look at the last 5 minutes of this debate and ask yourself honestly ----- these are the two best Americans to lead this Great Country. They both look and act like it is 1985 again. Both politicians are living in a bizarre world where Washington DC power politics is the center of the universe.

The world is changing under our feet. I don't think either of them could hold their own in the new world of 'cyber' as it was put tonight.

Last night the King of Jordan said the west won't even recognize this 'but we are in ww3 already". The second story was about how Russia under Putin Will use Nukes in this war.

Did you hear any of the urgency of what is really happening in the world beside the fact that America's problems are caused by us being racists and evil guns being in utopian inner cities OR the 'fact' that we are losing all of our jobs to China because we don't tax our American companies and Russia isn't hacking us with 'cyber'.

I couldn't even guess who won. But I will tell you it was the American people and the entire Western world that lost.

Пересказ дебатов (по-русски).

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