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Дивлюсь я нa небо...

Misers from The British Airways

I have been flying the British Airways between Saint-Petersburg and London for 20 years. Always on the plane food was given. Today I was surprised that no food was offered during the flight. Flight attendants brought paid drinks and some small things - everything is paid! and that was all. Even simple water was for money ... The flight lasted more than four hours. What happened to the British Airways? What does it want to achieve with such a new economical mode of passenger service?

It was noticeable that the flight attendants had nothing to do during the flight, they rested in their isolated room. I can also note that this time the flight attendants were of African descent. This is an innovation.

Now you have to take into account the new rules on British Airways and take food with you. It's a pity! Earlier it was a good, prestigious airline.

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